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Hearing about Moblogs a fair way back, I just assumed they were another small-time fad where super-techno-geeks sent text messages as blog posts to their blogs online. Moblogs or mobile blogs (some call them ‘mob blogs’) when I think it about it further and after reading about their newfound popularity, seem like a pretty cool adaptation of modern technologies.

Picture yourself: You’re walking down the street and you happen across a street performer playing some amazing music. Ok, now pull out your mobile phone/PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)/Palm Computer/Smart Phone. Within seconds you’re taking photos and sending them to be posted on your blog. Hmmm, why not take a short video ala ‘Vlog’? You can also record the sound and call it in as a podcasting file. Then you could record your own voice afterwards describing in spontaneous detail how the music affected you. Or, you could be ‘old-fashioned’ (like I would be) and write about the experience…on the phone’s mini-keyboard or handwriting detector (using those little plastic pens on the touch-screen.

Wow, I’m starting to sound like a super-techno-nerd. Still, I think moblogging will come in really handy, especially when it comes to travel on public transport. Instead of thinking and writing notes in your diary about what you want to blog about when you get back to your computer (or carry your heavy laptop everywhere), you can write it and post it on the move. We’re talking about maximising efficiency, as time is often limited in our busy lifestyles. Why read a low-grade newspaper on the train home when you can stay productive?

At the moment however, the main use for this technology is based around the photo-sharing capability of Moblogs. ‘Buzznet‘ is an example of a new site dedicated to phone photography. As soon as anything happens, photos are streamed onto the site by passers-by standing at the ready with their camera phones.

In this LA Times article entitled ‘Phoning it in‘ there was some concern about freedom of privacy, as essentially anyone can now become a sneaky little paparazzi. However, they also emphasise the fact that this is just another way in which people are coming together to form small communities via social software. What do you think about it?

Check out Wikipedia’s page for Moblogs and its links at the end if you want to know more about the Moblog phenomenon.

One day soon I hope to be hi-tech enough to write my blog and post to the Internet while on the move. This train seems to fit the futuristic picture, but it’s not science fiction. This is modern reality.

Jesse S. Somer is slowly becoming ‘nerdier’, and admiring ‘geeky’ types with all those innovative ideas. Just keep your phone out of my bedroom.

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‘Hey Billy, You’re not going to believe this.’

‘What is it?’

‘I just started my new job at the software company right?


‘Well, on the first day that I worked, I met this strange guy in the elevator.’

‘What was so strange about him?’

‘He was taking boxes out of his office. It pretty much looked like he was leaving for good. It turns out he got fired because he runs 15 blogs on the Internet.’

‘Are you serious? 15 blogs! Why would he need so many?’

‘He told me that he’s a bit of an eclectic. You know, he’s interested in all kinds of different things.’

‘So why didn’t he just write about them all on one blog like most people? And why did he get fired? Did he say something negative about the company?

‘I asked him these same questions. He said that he’s so into each of his hobbies and interests that he felt it was wrong to mix up all of the highly detailed information on only one blog. I mean, he sounded like he goes pretty in depth with his information. It’s not just general knowledge kind of stuff.’

‘Ok, give me an example.’

‘He’s into astronomy right? He talks about all these weird constellations I’ve never heard of, the size of telescopes, types of reflectors they have…’

‘Right, ok.’

‘Yeah, but it sounded like he was that way with everything: Photography, windsurfing, rock climbing, mountain bikes, abstract painting, black and white films, Neo-Paganism-whatever that is? He’s even got a blog about travel in Laos, and one about neuroscience!’

‘7, 9, 10’ All right that’s ten, what are the other five about? And, why did he get fired?’

‘Well, that’s the thing. He didn’t just get fired. He told me that his girlfriend of 8 years left him as well…because of the blogging!’

‘Hmmm. It must have been something to do with what he said on one of his blogs.’

‘He didn’t say anything on the blogs about the company.’

‘Well, why did they fire him?’

‘He told me, and these are his own words, ‘I hadn’t actually done any work for quite a long time.’’


‘He said that he was so busy blogging that he pretty much stopped doing everything else. Now you see why things went down.’

‘Wow, he must be in really bad shape.’

‘Hmmm. Actually, he looked quite pleased with himself.’

‘What? Why?’

‘He told me that his blogs are getting quite renown in the Blogosphere.’


‘Don’t worry about it. Anyway, let’s just say that because of a little paid advertising he’s put up around the place, he’s now making as much as his old job.’

‘No way.’

‘And, he hated the old job.’

‘Cool! What about the girlfriend? He must be pretty crushed about that.’

‘That’s where his latest blog comes into the picture. You’re not going to believe this. It’s a dating blog for blogging enthusiasts! Supposedly he’s now been dating some other ‘Super Bloggers’ like himself. He said the old girlfriend just didn’t understand the appeal of blogging.’

‘Crazy, man…Ummm, so that makes 11 blogs. What are the other four about?’

‘You had to ask. Well, there’s one completely devoted to Proboscis Monkeys, one on the melting of the polar ice caps…’

‘Gosh…what else?’

‘Oh yeah. There’s one all about ‘Making poverty history.’ The last one I’m sure you could guess.’

‘Hmmm. No, you got me on that one…’

‘It’s a blog all about blogging.’

By Jesse S. Somer

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